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Some of the main deaths the past few years has been......



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 Bradley's Death     Archie's Death



We are going to find out the killers of Archie and Bradley.......

Firstley the killer of Archie Mitchell we all know was of course Stacey Slater!!!!!!!

I know that Bradley fell of the building but i think that Becca Swanson was the killer because she was the one to call the police wich made Bradley go on the building. But then again Stacy never said that she killed Archieso Bradley thaught it was him.


Monday 12th april = Amira enlists Christian's help to save her marriage.

Tuesday 13th April =Lucy leaves a shoking message in Amira's flat.

Thursday 15th April =christian spots the message on Amira's bedroom wall.

Friday 16th april =



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