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hi and welcome to cheeky monkey!!!

hello and thanks  coming onto this website we do things like play games,chat,wach vidos,look at pics and lots lots more some come along and join the fun.


watch the penguins waddle around and follow your is a survay of what evreyones fav foods are.

Watch the rings go round and round you can change the way they go aswell.



here is our clock so u wont lose track of time!!!

cheeky monkey counter!!!

Here is our cheeky monkey counter it will show how many people visit this site!!!


Members can add videos chat with other members and lots more so if You enjoy this site pleese become a member.

Thank you!!!

I just want to say thanks for coming on here and if there is anything that you want me to change just add a coment!!!


If there is something you would like me to add onto the calender just post a coment and i will put it on there as soon as possible.

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